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Demand for ecology book
Ecologists and Lincoln University alumni Al Check and Mike Bowie are delighted that their 2009 booklet Backyard Biodiversity in Canterbury has now been re-published in a third edition. 

Circulation of the informative, readable, and attractively designed 20-page booklet has now reached over 10,000 and requests for copies continues strongly, making a well-supported case for a new edition. 

Al, who is a Ranger, Biodiversity, with the Department of Conservation, has a BSc (Conservation & Ecology) from Lincoln University and Mike, who is a Senior Technical Officer with the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has an MApplSc in Ecology from Lincoln. 

Their beautifully illustrated booklet gives readers an insight into what biodiversity is; what its benefits are; and what can be done to help threatened or endangered native species of flora and fauna. Although it has ‘Canterbury’ in its title, many of the concepts and ideas are applicable to other regions of New Zealand.  The publication is a particularly good resource for schools. 

“New Zealand’s biodiversity is unique but extremely vulnerable. To conserve this biodiversity, New Zealanders need to value it. Life without biodiverse landscapes would be bleak and barren,” say the authors.

The booklet was produced with assistance from Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury, Lincoln Envirotown Trust and Lincoln University, and published by Lincoln University with the help of funding from the Brian Mason Scientific and Technical Trust.

Alumni interested in obtaining copies should contact Mike at