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President's message
Welcome to the final edition of Alumnilinc for 2014. Here we are at the Christmas end of the year again, summer and the true outdoors season. A time when we can all give particular expression to Lincoln University’s mission strapline - ‘live well’.  Sport, of course, is one pathway for helping the world to ‘live well’ and it is no coincidence that Lincoln University has a very strong commitment to sport through its Sports Scholarship Programme, the marvellous opportunities available at the campus Recreation Centre, and the various sports clubs supported by the Lincoln University Students’ Association.

As you know, sport is very close to my own heart, so let me start my Christmas message by acknowledging the tremendous growth in sport at the University. It’s growth watched with interest by the Alumni Association as students move through their academic studies and are welcomed into the Association.

Prominent sportswomen and sportsmen among our alumni are too numerous to mention individually. They are great role models for students and numerous sports are now represented alongside the traditionally strong presence of rugby, netball, basketball and rowing - there are Lincoln University alumni now prominent in all of them. And can I say ‘thank you’ to all alumni who turn out as supporters at University sporting events and matches, in all seasons, summer and winter! I hear reports about strong alumni sideline support and know it’s appreciated.

Reflecting on the Alumni Association’s year, we had our AGM in the Lincoln Event Centre on 6 June, followed by lunch at Lincoln’s Famous Grouse Hotel. It was a constructive AGM with the first circulation of a published Annual Report. It was also a poignant occasion as it was the last gathering attended by well-known alumnus Monty Monteath, who passed away on 22 October.  Monty spoke at the luncheon about the Rural Field Cadets’ history project and his vision for it. 

During the year we welcomed Andrew O’Regan on to the Alumni Association Executive and farewelled Hamish Ramsden. The University also welcomed Jo Brady to the position of Alumni and Development Manager and most recently the Association co-opted a member to the Executive, Simon Lee, who you will briefly read about in this issue.

The year has been particularly notable for the huge amount of interaction alumni have had through two major reunions, ’50 years On’ and ‘The Final Field Test’. A total of more than 300 alumni came together over the course of these two events. In addition we have had a first ever alumni reunion in Canberra and a first reunion for many years in Adelaide. Of course the programme of monthly Tuesday Lunch Club gatherings has continued actively too.

It has been a constructive year and I thank my fellow Executive members and the staff of the Lincoln University’s Alumni and Development Office for their continued help and support. Have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break and best wishes for 2015.

Jo Spencer-Bower
Lincoln University Alumni Association