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Retirement of Charley Lamb
A 34-year association with Lincoln University and a connection with successive cohorts of students throughout that time as both an undergraduate (three years) and a staff member (31 years) was celebrated on 3 March at the retirement of Associate Professor Charles (‘Charley’) Lamb. 

A man of many parts whose range of connections and networks has never ceased to amaze, is how Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Sheelagh Matear described him. And it was the first of many accolades. 

“Is there no limit to what this gentleman can do?” asked Vice-Chancellor Dr Andrew West, who described the range of Charley’s abilities from his years as a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Marketing Group Leader at Lincoln University to heading up the Telford Division as its first post-merger Director, and even establishing an institute of motorcycle safety research.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Stefanie Rixecker said that through his “personality and charisma” he was “able to create a voice for everyone” and had made an “absolutely stellar contribution to farming and also to the mental health of farmers”.Charley, who had an Air Force career before turning to academia, attributes his “conversion” to a chance encounter with former Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor Professor Bruce Ross.

“I was working on the chain at Belfast Freezing Works after coming out of the Air Force and also involved in a project planting blackberries and blackcurrants. 

It was suggested by two of those involved in the berry enterprise, Professor of Farm Management JB Dent and Senior Lecturer Dr Gerald Frengley, that he should “come out to Lincoln” and meet the then Principal (later Vice-Chancellor) Professor Bruce Ross who was also Professor of Agricultural Economics. “So I came out and met him and I was absolutely spellbound. He had that X factor. And that’s how I came to Lincoln!”

Charley started in 1984 as an Assistant Lecturer (Temporary) and his career developed from there in parallel with his other great passions, such as motorcycling. He has competed in the Isle of Man TT twice and has a collection of classic motorcycles. 

Charley’s range of intellectual, social and practical interests, skills and accomplishments led Vice-Chancellor Dr West to describe him as a “Renaissance man”.    

Rising from Assistant Lecturer (Temporary) in 1984, Charley was appointed an Associate Professor in 2010 and Director of Telford Division in 2011.