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RFC history book: we need more stories!
Between 1941 and 1976 more than 500 students passed through Lincoln under the government-sponsored Rural Field Cadet (RFC) Scheme. 

The scheme involved extensive on-farm experience followed by at least two years of academic tuition. Graduates were bonded to the New Zealand State Services Commission for a further five years. This period enabled the state to recover at least a part of its investment, but more importantly it helped to further develop the RFCs’ skills and experiences within the government and commercial sectors. Many RFCs went on to hold very senior positions throughout government, university, finance, commerce, research and extension services in New Zealand and throughout the world. At one stage Lincoln was looked on as the nursery of All Blacks, thanks to the leadership qualities and sporting calibre of its RFC students.

In recognition of the contribution Rural Field Cadets made to New Zealand during the latter part of the 20th century, a history of the scheme is being prepared. Compilation is well under way. A comprehensive, illustrated, quality book is planned for launch early next year. Sadly, over 100 ex-RFCs have died and many contact addresses have been lost. The Editor of the book is keen to hear of their stories and individual contributions to New Zealand’s development, wherever they worked. If you are reading this and have a father, grandfather or other family member who was an RFC, or you know of the family connections of any RFC who has passed on, please contact the Alumni and Development Office by emailing