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RFC's we would like to contact

Below is a list of RFC's we have no details for. You will noticed a number of deceased alumni in the list below - this is provided in case you have any contact information for the family.

Start Year Preferred Name Middle Name Last Name Information
1942 Kerry Lloyd Mayo Deceased
1942 Karl Eric (Hooty) Gibson Deceased
1942 Paul F Molesworth Deceased
1942 D Arthur Martin Deceased
1942 Johnson Davies Deceased
1942 Edward D'Arcy Lees Deceased
1944 William George Davies Deceased
1944 Martin Martin McAdam Deceased
1944 Gerald Percival Day Deceased
1944 Joe Joseph Preston Deceased
1944 Jim Douglas Stewart Deceased
1944 Murray Thomas Du Faur Deceased
1944 Samuel William Holland Deceased
1944 John James King Deceased
1945 John Dalrymple McNaught Deceased
1945 Matt Campbell Sanders Deceased
1945 Michael William Bush Deceased
1945 William Francis Harding Deceased
1945 Aubrey Frederick Toro Nyman Deceased
1945 Ashley Eric Wright Deceased
1945 T James Barber Deceased
1945 W James Herbert Don Deceased
1945 John Alquist Deceased
1946 Alec (Alexander) Robert Watson Deceased
1946 Malcolm Davenport Speedy Deceased
1946 Norman Hayden Lawrence Deceased
1946 D Murray Milne Deceased
1946 R Pritchard Deceased
1946 R Ross Sutherland Deceased
1946 Graham Ross Wilson Deceased
1946 T Cowie Deceased
1946 Robert Watson Deceased
1946 Allan Moffat Deceased
1946 Parkes Swainson Deceased
1947 Clive Dawson Denize Deceased
1947 Peter Arthur Flux Deceased
1947 Glamis Morrell Niederer Deceased
1947 Robert Linfield Bell Deceased
1947 Robert Rivers Loe Deceased
1947 Peter Elmslie Webber Deceased
1947 John (Kenneth) Middleton Wright Deceased
1947 G Osborn Warner Deceased
1947 Wilson Deceased
1947 Parsonson No contact
1948 Anthony Gerald Eastgate Deceased
1948 Gordon Grant Robertson Deceased
1948 R Stuart Ferguson Deceased
1948 Beauchamp Bakewell Deceased
1949 Arnold Harry Croker Deceased
1949 Geoffrey Barry Thomas Deceased
1949 Graeme Wright Deceased
1950 John Holdforth Mauger Deceased
1950 Douglas James Masterton Deceased
1950 Dalin Robert Sharp Deceased
1950 P Bertrand Edward Griggs Deceased
1950 Graeme Frederick Apatu Deceased
1950 Arnold Power Harty Deceased
1950 M Earl Sutherland Deceased
1951 Ken Leeson Waters Deceased
1951 Richard Gilmore Deceased
1951 Ian Graeme Smeaton Deceased
1951 Mervyn John Downey Deceased
1951 Kenneth Earle Dodd Deceased
1951 Keith Barry Talbot Jordan Deceased
1952 Joe Te Okoro Runga Deceased
1952 John Burns Buxton Deceased
1952 Richard Duncan Currie Deceased
1952 Alexander Langdon Haddon Deceased
1953 Sandy Farquharson Cassie Deceased
1953 Ewen Miles McGregor Deceased
1953 John Alexander Firth Deceased
1953 Kerry James Whineray Deceased
1954 Brian Richard Beamish Deceased
1954 Eugene Joseph Robertson Green Deceased
1954 William Robert Smith No Contact
1954 Freethy No Contact
1955 John John Fitzharris Deceased
1955 Geoff Robert Douglas Byres No Contact
1955 Alistair William Clark No Contact
1955 Richard Bryce MacDonald Deceased
1955 Max Bryant No Contact
1956 Denys James Nichols No Contact
1956 Martin Alexander Mackereth Deceased
1956 Murray Robin Tremain Deceased
1956 Edwin Charles Wright No Contact
1956 Thomas Duncan Webster Deceased
1956 John Sefton Ingham Deceased
1956 A Stewart Holden Deceased
1957 Wirihana Terence Apatu Deceased
1957 Wikaira Deceased
1958 Don Mervyn Tate Deceased
1958 Bob Gordon Bonner Deceased
1958 Peter Hugo Playfair Houghton Deceased
1958 Donald David Henshaw Deceased
1958 Ronald Robert Taylor Deceased
1958 P Neil Foster No Contact
1958 J Hill No Contact
1958 D Miller No Contact
1958 John Retter No Contact
1958 Sinclair Smith No Contact
1959 Milson John Carson Patterson No Contact
1959 Gerald Howard Scales No Contact
1959 W Bilbrough No Contact
1959 J Burke No Contact
1959 A Grant No Contact
1959 J Hill No Contact
1959 D Slade No Contact
1959 A Waddel No Contact
1960 Peter James Riddell Deceased
1960 J Arthur Watson Deceased
1960 Herbert Willis Deceased
1960 Page No Contact
1961 Malcolm Francis Jones No Contact
1961 Douglas Sharp Deceased
1961 Arthur Fenwick No Contact
1961 Donald Gould No Contact
1962 Maurice Kenneth Long Deceased
1962 Robert George Davies Deceased
1962 T Coup No Contact
1962 C Gibson No Contact
1962 J Carrick No Contact
1962 D S Buick No Contact
1963 Ray Eric Hampton Deceased
1963 R Peter Vane Deceased
1964 Michael Edwin Williams No Contact
1964 Don Freeman Wilson Deceased
1964 R Lamason No Contact
1964 N McGregor No Contact
1964 D S Orr No Contact
1965 Peter Scott Templeton Deceased
1965 Wilson No Contact
1965 Ellingham No Contact
1965 McDonald No Contact
1966 Alan Charles Peterson Deceased
1966 Graham John Harvey No Contact
1966 Brian Paul Roberts No Contact
1966 John Stuart Garton No Contact
1966 Edward (Ted) Wyndham Dickens Lewis No Contact
1966 N Herbert Karatau No Contact
1966 M Bernard McKenna No Contact
1966 W John Evans No Contact
1966 K James No Contact
1966 A Fraser No Contact
1967 Malcolm Oswald Tapp No Contact
1967 Bruce Don Ross No Contact
1967 Chris James Gage Deceased
1967 Andrew John Robert Furness Deceased
1967 Rodney Shelley Brown No Contact
1967 John Corrigan No Contact
1967 R Blackwood No Contact
1967 A Cato No Contact
1967 A Gubb No Contact
1967 P Fairbrother No Contact
1967 S Wilkinson No Contact
1968 Robert Orr Campbell No Contact
1968 Derek Charles Gilkison Deceased
1968 John John Bradford Deceased
1968 Malcolm Thomas Wicksteed No Contact
1968 Howard Murray Smith Deceased
1968 Ian Dawson Brown Deceased
1968 P Mannion No Contact
1968 G Harold No Contact
1968 McTaggart No Contact
1969 John Hedley Balcombe No Contact
1969 David Stuart Hurst No Contact
1969 M Ernest Brian Poananga No Contact
1969 Anthony James Bacon No Contact
1969 Alan Arthur Fisher No Contact
1969 Robertson No Contact
1969 Whittfield No Contact
1969 Witt No Contact
1969 M Moora No Contact
1969 McLeod No Contact
1970 John John McGonigal No Contact
1970 Peter George Martin Deceased
1970 Alan Bradley Keenan Deceased
1970 Gregory Maitland Matthews Deceased
1970 M Smith No Contact
1970 Dawson Brown No Contact
1971 Charles Gilchrist Deceased
1971 Russell James Harding Deceased
1971 Derek Dennis Neal No Contact
1971 E Milton No Contact